Culture - Andros Blue Apartments in Chora, Andros Island


Andros is famous for its culture; this has been proven by various personalities that have excelled in Arts and Literature over the last centuries, Andreas Embirikos and Theophilos Kairis being the most important of them.

The Island has also a very rich, modern cultural tradition, which is quite evident since the visitor has the opportunity to visit several museums and institutions, while every summer a big number of events are organized attracting thousands of visitors.
Some of them are located in Andros Chora, such as:

the Archaeological Museum with findings from the archaeological site of Zagora, sculpture collection from the Archaic and Roman Era, and sculpture collection of the pre-Byzantine and Byzantine Era. For additional information:

• the Museum of Contemporary Art with exhibitions of artists such as Paniaras, Picasso, Matisse, Karagatsis, Kandinsky, George Bouzianis, Balthus, Galanis, Giacometti, Κlee, Chagall, De Chirico, Rodin, Joan Miró, Zorz Brac, Nikos Chatzikyriakos Gkikas, Sofia Vari, etc. For additional information:

• the Kydoniefs Foundation which is a cultural and intellectual institution in Andros, Its purpose is the promotion not only of Island's culture on the island, and in other places too.

• the Kairios Library which includes about 60,000 volumes of printed matter (however many of them are old, scattered publications), manuscripts, an extensive archive, along with archives such as Andros Shipping Records and its county courts. Additionally, it has a lot of artworks, a collection of ancient pottery and statuettes, items of historical value and of folk culture. For additional information:

• Last, we should mention the well-established festival of Andros which is held in the Chora's Open Theater, and hosts theatrical performances and concerts. For additional information: